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Video with a Sense of History
courtesy of Environmental Building News
A Bimonthly Newsletter on Environmentally Sustainable Design and Construction

Ecological Design will not provide answers to any specific questions you may have about your current project, but it may inspire you to think more broadly about those questions. This hour-long video explores the evolution of environmentally aware design. Through interviews with a great many pioneers and theorists, and footage of their work, the film outlines the evolution from a mechanistic model of building and system design to one rooted in natural systems.

Buckminster Fuller, Paolo Soleri, Paul MacCready, Peter Calthorpe, Ian McHarg, William McDonough, Jay Baldwin, Hazel Henderson, Jaime Lerner, Amory Lovins, John Todd, Stewart Brand, Pliny Fisk - interviews with al these and other leading practitioners and thinkers bring the design evolution to life and provide insights into the ideas and concerns that have motivated their work. Ecological Design is well made and engaging. Although there is much more that could have been included, what's here is enough to remind anyone working in ecological design why they chose this field and why the work must go on.