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What's Ahead? Ecological Design: Reinventing the Future
courtesy of The Light Connection

From flying bicycles and disposable homes to "living machines," "Ecological Design: Inventing the Future" is a new documentary film that focuses on people who are finding inexpensive ways for us to live on a planet with limited resources. How are they doing it? For one, they make inspiration form the late R. Buckminster Fuller. They are discovering ways to accomplish more with less.

Filmmaker Chris Zelov, who conceived the idea of the film and produced it, has brought together an incredibly innovative group of people who give us good reason to think there is really is some hope for the future. If you are wondering how we will ever get to a future that replaces what we take from the environment, you're behind the times. Most of the contributors that Zelov features - the "design outlaws" inventing the future - aren't satisfied with simply recycling or breaking even. They're creating systems that give back more than they take. The film is about integrating nature, technology, and humanity.

Released last November, this 65-minute film has already won critical acclaim, receiving awards in the science/nature category at the Chicago International Film Festival, the Environmental Education Association's film festival in Cancun, Mexico, the Washington, D.C., Cine Festival and the Golden Gate Film Festival in San Francisco. -Steve Hays